Our Journey

We specialise in personalised gifts, Although our website range has a limit of items - if you have a flat surface - we can print on it.

This page showcases the items we have created for customers that were not made via the website, instead they reached out to us via e-mail.

Lucas Bear Vest & Baby Grow:

These were created for a family that wanted clothing for their child which closely resembled the decorating style of his nursery. 

Both designs were created by Thetford Printing Studio and are available for your use if you like them!

Vest (range of sizes & colours available) = £8.00

Baby Grow - Long Sleeved (range of sizes & colours available) = £11.00

Child's Drawing T-Shirt:

This was a drawing that a child had made over the Christmas period whilst visiting family in the UK. The family placed the picture on the fridge and then thought it would be a nice idea to have the image added to some T-Shirts as a surprise for when the child arrived home in Australia.

We can create the same thing with your little ones' images! and we can do this on every one of our available products (higher resolution images will produce better quality finished products.

T-Shirt (range of sizes & colours) = Prices starting from £8.00


Personalised Mug:

A customer was after a suprise gift for their friend; the description we were given was to have their name and some flowers on the mug. We sent a few different designs over - and the customer chose the design shown in the picture below.

Mug 11oz = £5 plus £4 postage & packaging